Welcome to SrvSnap, Your one image source more! We are a website that aims to provide YOU with high speed Image uploading, and for those of you with the "ScreenSnapr" software, we aim to provide a host for your images.

About Us


SrvSnap started in late 2011 with the idea of making it easier and more convenient to get your images online, and fast, with the help of GravityNets we are confident that we have one of the quickest servers out there, and with Cloudflare we have further increased the speed in which we deliver our service, and pages to you! And with all the new technologies coming out, we also hope to provide users with one of the best ScreenSnapr private servers, which, is coming soon! If you wish to enquire about anything we have to offer, feel free to email help@srvsnap.net.

What makes us different.

As a compliant user of image hosting websites, we have seen many systems, and we have thought of the best way to be different, so we have thought of a few systems to get a better service to our users, no clicking around to get a direct link to your images, no fussing around with logging in to use the service, just basic "what is says on the tin" instructions. And what makes us better to our fellow hosting websites, we NEVER delete photos after a period of time.

There's not alot at the moment!

Due to being recently opened, there isn't alot on the website as of current, but don't worry! We are working on further pages to make SrvSnap.. Brilliant! We also aren't worried about the time it takes, as they say, perfection takes time, and we understand the website isn't the best looking, but we concentrate on providing the best service we can through our image uploading system!


More coming soon, want to be added to this list? Email us to be considered (this may take up to 24 hours).
You can email us also at help@srvsnap.net and make sure you put the title as "Affiliates Program"