Srvsnap reserves the right to remove or replace any uploaded files on our server. The following types of files are classed as "abuse" and may not be uploaded under any circumstances.

1) Pornographic files. (files depicting, nudity, or sexual situations), links to an adult website.
2) Illegal and/or are in violation of any United Kingdom and United States Laws.
3) Constitutes or promotes an illegal or unauthorized copy of another persons copyrighted work.
4) Involves the transmission of junk mail, unsolicited mass mailing, or spamming.
5) Publicly upload information that poses or creates a privacy or security risk to any person.
6) Violates the privacy rights, publicity rights, defamation rights, copyrights, trademark rights, contract rights or any other rights of any person.

You also agree
7) That we log your I.P (Internet Protocol) Address so that we can use it if necessary in certain situations.
8) To not spam this service or DDOS (overload) the server with files.

Uploading abusive files may result in the immediate termination of the user's ability to use Srvsnap or any of its provided services. The Srvsnap service may not load and all Srvsnap-hosted files may not load.
To report a file, send an email to

All information provided by the user is strictly confidential. All information entered in for the usersystem is made secure as possible. Srvsnap holds no responsibility nor guarantee that your details will not be given to third party organisations, should a breach in security occcur. Srvsnap will never release any personal information about the user without permission. However we do reserve the right to release user information if the user has violated our Terms of Service, if the user has committed unlawful acts.

Legal Policy
SrvSnaps Terms of Service are subject to change without notice. All files are © to their respective owners. Srvsnap directs full legal responsibility of files to their respective users. Srvsnap is not responsible for the content of any uploaded files, nor is it in affiliation with any entities that may be represented in the uploaded files.

Limitation of Liability
User agrees that the use of Srvsnap's services is entirely at User's own risk. Srvsnap's services are provided without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, constructive, or statutory. Srvsnap makes no guarantee of availability of service and reserves the right to change, withdraw, suspend, or discontinue any feature of Srvsnap's services at any time.

Srvsnap can perform maintenance services at any time. During maintenance, files on our server may appear not to be there while maintenance is performed. All files will be safe during maintenance. Srvsnap will try to provide prior notice of downtime/maintance whenever we can. But there may be some case that is beyond our control